Review Article 18 in the 2016-2019 contract (page 35-36) for full details on reimbursement.

  • Important points:
    • Certificated staff members are eligible for up to 9 credits of reimbursement after 2 years of service in the district as a certificated staff member
    • Staff must remain in employment for 1 year after receiving reimbursement
    • All provisions of tuition reimbursement are governed by N.J.S.A. 18A:6-8.5.

N.J.S.A. 18A:6-8.5 states:

In order for a board of education to provide to an employee tuition assistance for coursework taken at an institution of higher education or additional compensation upon the acquisition of additional academic credits or completion of a degree program at an institution of higher education:

  1. The institution shall be a duly authorized institution of higher education
  2. The employee shall obtain approval from the superintendent of schools prior to enrollment in any course for which tuition assistance is sought. In the event that the superintendent denies the approval, the employee may appeal the denial to the board of education.
  3. The tuition assistance or additional compensation shall be provided only for a course or degree related to the employee’s current or future job responsibilities.

What to do when applying for course approval:

  • Submit paperwork in advance of the course’s start date.
  • Provide all requested information with course approval documents.
  • If your building level administrator is absent for an extended period of time send the approval documents to the Board Office to ensure they are stamped with the appropriate date.

What to do when your course approval has been denied:

  • Send an email to boroteachers@msn detailing your denial and notifying the HEA of your need to appeal.
  • Click here to supply the required information for your appeal.
  • The appeal will be sent to the Board of Education.
  • If the Board of Education denies the appeal, it must be sent to the Commissioner of Education within 90 days per N.J.A.C.6A:3-1.3.