Abou Hillsborough Education Association

The Hillsborough Education Association is an all-inclusive association of professionals who work in the Hillsborough Township Public Schools. We are made up of  teachers, nurses, librarians, social workers, school psychologists, home instruction teachers, learning disability specialists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, special education teachers, office personnel, athletic trainers, instructional assistants, coaches, accounting clerks, custodians, maintenance personnel, pupil transportation drivers, mechanics, guidance counselors, student assistance counselors, bookkeepers, data mangers, clerical assistants, lunch aides, speech language specialists, parking lot attendants, behaviorists, and transportation aides.

Our mission is to make Hillsborough Public Schools a premier educational experience for the entire community. We work collaboratively with administration, Board of Education, parents, and the community at large. The Hillsborough Education Association, Always at the HEArt of the Community!